Prospective Partners
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Prospective Partners

Prospective Partners

 Process to Become an Authorized Community Partner

  1. Read and understand our Community Partner Expectations
  2. Complete the Prospective Partner Inquiry Form with as much detail as possible
  3. MPS External Relations staff will follow-up with you within 2-4 weeks for next steps which may include:
    • request for additional information
    • insurance verification
    • vendor registration (if MPS will be paying you for services)
    • curriculum vetting
    • approval of data needs
    • approval of program consent forms

       4. Once partner certification is complete, sign contract(s) for each type of program provided 

Who does not need to go through the Community Partnership certification process:

  • Researchers- click here
  • Itinerant Mental Health Providers-  click here
  • Individual volunteers- click here
  • Student teachers or pre-click here
  • Flyer distributors- click here
  • Facilities reservations- click here