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Partners and Distance Learning
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Partners and Distance Learning

Partners and Distance Learning

Below is some high-level guidance for both contracted community partners as well as external (community based) organizations regarding interacting with MPS students during Distance Learning.

Contracted Community Partners

Note: this section is for partners who have completed our certification process and have a contract to provide services to students in collaboration with the District.

Because partners vary so much in the type of service(s) provided, level of consent forms in place, etc. it is not possible to share one uniform set of guidelines that applies to all situations. We need to evaluate partner involvement in Distance Learning on a case by case basis and we appreciate your patience as we work to find solutions that provide the best services for students and families, while prioritizing their safety and privacy.

General Guidance - Contracted Community Partners during Distance Learning

  • MPS staff cannot share student contact information with your organization as it is considered private student data.  Please visit this page for more information on student data.
  • For safety and liability reasons, MPS partners cannot move their in-school (contracted) programming to an unmonitored or unapproved virtual platform.  In addition, students who have an MPS issued device will not be able to access unapproved interactive (web or app) platforms. 

MPS Google Classrooms and Google Meets

In limited situations, contracted community partners may join in Distance Learning via Google Meets.  With authorization from the principal or department lead, an MPS teacher/staff may invite a contracted community partner to participate in a classroom lesson via Google Meets. During the Google Meets session, the MPS staff member:

  • is responsible for setting up the meeting and inviting participants
  • must lead the lesson with the partner supporting as a guest speaker 
  • must  remain in the meeting for the entire interaction
  • cannot share any private student data with partners before or during the meeting


Lease and Permit Holders

For lease arrangements that go through Real Estate/Operations, MPS has paused payments and access to reduce the numbers of the public entering our school.

For more information:

College Access Network (CAN)- contact derek.francis@mpls.k12.mn.us or your school CCC Coordinator
School-based mental health services- contact rochelle.cox@mpls.k12.mn.us
Community Ed afterschool youth programs - contact stephen.alexander@mpls.k12.mn.us or kate.kampa@mpls.k12.mn.us
All other questions- contact cpo@mpls.k12.mn.us

External (community-based) programs:

If you have online resources that you would like MPS to add to our resource lists for teachers and families, please visit our Flyer/Information Distribution page here.