Individual vs Aggregate Student Data
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Individual vs Aggregate Student Data

Individual vs Aggregate Student Data

Individual vs Aggregate Student Data

Individual/identifiable student data is information about an individual student.  Examples include:

  • Race/ethnicity of a particular student
  • Attendance history for a particular student 

Aggregate data is summary information – could be about a particular group of students or a school or the entire District.  Examples include:

  • % of MPS students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Overall race/ethnicity demographics of MPS students
  • Overall attendance rates of an entire class or school 

How do I access individual student data?

  • Community Partners requesting access to individual student data must obtain an MPS Release of Information (ROI) for each student.  It is the partner’s responsibility to collect these forms.
  • Community Partners cannot request any individual student data from MPS without signed ROI- this includes asking school staff to confirm a student’s enrollment or attendance.
    • Quick Tip: If you need simple demographic info such as student’s age, race, etc., consider collecting the info directly from parents as part of program registration.
  • ROIs are valid for up to one year - MPS will not honor any ROIs beyond a year.
  • Basic individual student data can be obtained through Community Data Portal
  • Additional individual student data can be requested via the External Data Request Form (fees apply)
  • MPS not required to share individual student data even with signed ROI- Partner must have a valid reason to access data.

How do I access aggregate student data?  

  • MPS expects Contracted Community Partners to participate in the Aggregate Report process- Aggregate Reports contain summary demographics, attendance, behavior, academic proficiency and growth as well as district-wide comparisons
  • School level or district-wide student data can be obtained from MPS Reports & Data  or  MDE Report Card -please check both of these sites before requesting data from MPS
  • Additional aggregate data can be requested via the External Data Request Form (fees apply)
  • Aggregate data can easily become identifiable data as you add more variables- please remember that MPS will not release any identifiable data without signed ROIs

Due to State law, MPS cannot share the Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) status of individual students- this can only be shared in aggregate only.