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Flyer Distribution
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Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution

The MPS carry-home paper flyer distribution process has been converted to an electronic distribution process for the 20-21 school year.  MPS will share  “flyers” (program information) from community-based organizations with families via school newsletter, email, or other means.

All program information distributed from non-school organizations to MPS students must be approved and must meet the requirements outlined in both the Flyer Distribution Policy and the Non-Discrimination Policy.  

Please submit a short (1-2 paragraph) program description and a link to a website where families can find more information.   If you wish to include a flyer as well, it must be accessible (ADA compliant).

Important Requirements:

  1. All PDF or online flyers for events not co-sponsored by MPS must contain the following disclaimer on the front side of the page: The Minneapolis Public Schools is legally unable to and cannot sponsor, endorse or recommend the activities announced by this flyer.
  2. If there is a fee for your program/activity, the program description and flyer must state that no person will be refused because of inability to pay.  Your organization must have a process in place to waive fees completely (partial scholarships are not sufficient).


  • Please email program description (and flyer if you wish) to mps.flyers@mpls.k12.mn.us
  • In your email, please indicate which schools (and grade levels, if applicable) you would like to receive the flyer.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for MPS staff to review and approve the program information.  You will be notified once your information is approved.


  • MPS External Relations staff will share your approved flyer with the schools that you request.
  • Schools will share the program information with families as they see fit, likely as part of a newsletter or other update.  We cannot guarantee each school will share electronic flyers with families.  Please be patient with schools in Distance Learning – learning and academics remain our primary focus.
  • MPS reserves the right to change the flyer distribution process throughout the 20-21 school year as learning format changes due to COVID-19.

Questions?  contact Sharifa Urey at mps.flyers@mpls.k12.mn.us