Flyer Distribution
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Carry-Home Flyer Distribution

Carry-Home Flyer Distribution

All flyers distributed from non-school organizations to K-8 students through the carry-home flyer program must be approved.   Flyers must meet the requirements outlined in both the Flyer Distribution Policy and the Non-Discrimination Policy

Flyers are approved for distribution to K-8 students only. 
Flyers are not sent home with high school students. Instead, flyers can be left at College and Career Centers for students to pick up by their own choice.  These flyers do not need to be approved through the Flyer Process but must adhere to the Public Information Display Policy.

Important Requirements:

  1. Flyers can only be distributed from government or non-profit organizations. MPS does not send home flyers from any for-profit organizations.
  2. All flyers not co-sponsored by MPS must contain the following disclaimer on the front side of the page: The Minneapolis Public Schools is legally unable to and cannot sponsor, endorse or recommend the activities announced by this flyer.
  3. If the flyer advertises an event/activity for which there is a fee, the flyer must state that no person will be refused because of inability to pay.


  • Please email your flyer to and allow 2 weeks for approval
  • The first date for flyer approval for the 2019-20 school year is September 16 


  • It is the organization's responsibility to print and deliver flyers to schools (bundles of 30 per classroom)
  • A copy of the approval memo must accompany flyers to be distributed


If you are new to the Flyer Distribution Process, please read the FAQ below.