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Welcome to Community Partnerships

Welcome to Community Partnerships

What is an Authorized Community Partner?

The term “partner” is complex- there is not a simple definition. MPS defines Authorized Community Partners as external organizations/individuals that provide programs or services directly to MPS students in collaboration with the District.  If the following items apply to you, you are likely an Authorized Community Partner.


  • Programs take place during the school day or during out-of-school time
  • Programs primarily take place on MPS property
  • Partners can be paid by MPS or provide services free of charge - families are never charged for services
  • Partnerships are ongoing (not one-time events) 
  • Partners serve multiple students (not an individual service provider)
  • Programs are provided in collaboration with the District
  • Partnerships are mutually beneficial and strategically aligned with district priorities and/or needs of individual schools  

Working with Authorized Community Partners allows MPS to fill gaps in service, leverage resources, and further our efforts to ensure that every student is career or college ready.  


What types of services do Community Partners provide?

  • Literacy/tutoring
  • Enrichment (STEM, foreign language, physical fitness)
  • Arts (dance, music, theater)
  • Leadership/mentorship
  • Attendance support
  • Career and College Readiness
  • Health (sexual health education, dental clinics, eye exams)
  • Social and emotional learning

Please visit our Prospective Partner page to learn more about the process for becoming a community partner.