Prospective Partners
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Prospective Partners

Prospective Partners

 Process for establishing new partnerships:

The partnership development process begins with the completion of the Prospective Partner Inquiry Form. Note: this form is only for organizations who wish to work directly with MPS students on MPS property.

MPS staff will review your submision to determine if the proposal aligns with District goals and is within the scope of possibility. All partnerships will require a contract, regardless if money is exchanged.  The contract will outline scope of work, outcomes, evaluation, and roles and responsibilities.   


Key things for potential MPS community partners to know:

  1. Background checks: it is the responsibility of the community partner to complete background checks for all staff or volunteers who work with MPS students
  2. Insurance requirements:  MPS requires all community partners to maintain a minimum level of Liability Insurance.  All new partners must submit a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance as part of the approval process.  MPS requires: 
  • $1.5 million in commercial general liability insurance, per occurrence (not aggregate)
  • MPS is named as an additional insured party
  •  MPS is a certificate holder


-Are you an existing partner and want to expand/renew your agreement?  Email or call 612-668-0542.
-Do you want to share information about your programs with MPS staff or students?  Please view our Flyer Disitribution Process.