Individual vs Aggregate Student Data
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Individual vs Aggregate Student Data

Individual vs Aggregate Student Data

What is data?

MPS takes data privacy very seriously and has policies in place that are more strict than Minnesota state law.  MPS defines data as any information provided by the District (individual or aggregate student data) as well as any information that outside organizations collect directly from students/families - this includes observations, surveys, focus groups and interviews. MPS does not allow Community Partners to conduct surveys or collect demographic information directly from students during the school day unless the survey has been approved through the Outside Research approval process.

Individual vs Aggregate Student Data

Individual (or identifiable) student data is any data or information about a particular student.  Examples of individual student data include:

  • Whether or not a particular student qualifies for Free or Reduce Lunch
  • Race/ethnicity of a particular student
  • Attendance history for a particular student 

Aggregate data is summary information – could be about a particular group of students or a school or the entire District.  Examples of aggregate data include:

  • % of MPS students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Overall race/ethnicity demographics of MPS students
  • Attendance rates of an entire class or school 

How do I access individual student data?

  • Community Partners requesting access to individual student data must obtain an MPS Release of Information (ROI) for each student.  It is the partner’s responsibility to collect these forms; MPS will not collect these forms
  • Community Partners cannot request any individual student data from MPS without signed ROI- this includes asking school staff to confirm a student’s enrollment or attendance
    • Quick Tip: If you need simple demographic info such as student’s age, race, etc., consider collecting the info directly from parents as part of program registration
  • ROIs are valid for up to one year - MPS will not honor any ROIs beyond a year
  • Basic individual student data can be obtained through Community Data Portal
  • Additional individual student data can be requested via the External Data Request Form (fees apply)
  • MPS cannot share the Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) status of individual students- this can only be shared in aggregate
  • MPS not required to share individual student data even with signed ROI- Partner must have a valid reason to access data

How do I access aggregate student data?  

  • MPS expects Contracted Community Partners to participate in the Aggregate Report process- Aggregate Reports contain summary demographics, attendance, behavior, academic proficiency and growth as well as district-wide comparisons
  • School level or district-wide student data can be obtained from MPS Reports & Data  or  MDE Report Card -please check both of these sites before requesting data from MPS
  • Additional aggregate data can be requested via the External Data Request Form (fees apply)
  • Aggregate data can easily become identifiable data as you add more variables- please remember that MPS will not release any identifiable data without signed ROIs