Flyer Distribution
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Minneapolis Public Schools has an established Flyer Distribution program.  The program establishes guidelines and procedures for not-for-profit, non-school organizations to distribute information to students and families via carry-home flyer distribution.  All flyers distributed must meet requirements outlined in both the Flyer Distribution Policy and the Non-Discrimination Policy

  • Flyers being sent home with K-8 students must be approved through the Flyer Distribution Process
  • Flyers are not sent home with High School students. Instead, flyers can be left at College and Career Centers, for students to pick up by their own choice.  These flyers do not need to be approved through the Flyer Process

Have a flyer for approval? 
Please email it to Please allow 2 weeks for review and approval.
For the 2017-18 school year, May 1st will be the last review dates for the school year.  Flyers will not be approved/reviewed during summer months.

If you are new to the Flyer Distribution Process, please read the FAQ below.