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2016-2017 Schedule
2016-2017 Schedule

As part of our effort to improve community partnerships, we offer free monthly workshops that will help build your organization's capacity to utilize data and evaluation tools for program improvement. These workshops are excellent opportunities for program staff to build their skills and learn how data and evaluation can be used to better meet student needs. Workshops are first come, first serve, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

All trainings are on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 - 12:00.

To register for any of the 2016-2017 workshops, click on the links below as they become available:


September 28: 2015-2016 Aggregate Reports & Using Available Data

Come to this workshop to receive your end of year student data report and have conversations about what to do with this data. We will also introduce other data sources that can help answer commonly asked questions.

October 19: Continuous Quality Improvement Tools & Preparing for M3

While Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is quickly becoming another education buzzword, learn how this approach to organizational development and evaluative thinking can have a real impact on the youth you serve. This workshop will also help you prepare for the Making Meaning of Multiple Data Sets (M3) workshop, offered through Ignite Afterschool and the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, in January.

November 16: Excel Part II - Data Visualization & Data Recess

We offered two introductory Excel trainings last school year. This year, we will walk you through how to build effective data visualizations in Excel. This session will also include a ‘data recess’ – time to play around with your own data while receiving support from MPS REAA staff. 

January 20: Making Meaning of Multiple Data Sets (through Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board)

This interactive, full-day workshop will help your program have meaningful discussions about four types of data: quality, participation, outcomes, and experience. After this deep reflection, your team will develop a plan of action.

March 15: What to do with Qualitative Data? Coding, Themes, Action (by Ann Mavis)

Do you collect your organization's stories? Do you ask participants to help you make sense of trends in your data? Come to this workshop to learn about several ways to collect qualitative data, such as interviews, focus groups, open-ended surveys, and alternative data collection methods. Then, discuss ways to analyze and use this data to inform continuous quality improvement and fully capture your program impact for various stakeholders. 

April 19: Participatory Data Collection Methods

Move beyond the traditional survey or focus group! Learn about fun, engaging ways to collect data from program participants and stakeholders that are age-appropriate, culturally-relevant, and/or require a low level of staff time to perform.

May 22: Spring Summit (co-hosted with Community Partnerships Office)


Workshops Based on Partner Feedback:

We realize that community partner needs change over time. As a result, we will plan next summer’s monthly workshops based on feedback we receive from you throughout the year.