Data & Evaluation
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Data & Evaluation

Data & Evaluation

The Community Partnerships Office strives to make the connection between our external partners and our schools as meaningful as possible. With this in mind, we offer numerous data resources to support programming and continuous quality improvement.  



Aggregate Reports

This process allows MPS to further support our Community Partners by providing them with aggregate data about the students participating in their programs. 

Community Data Portal

Organizations can access student level data by submitting a release of information, signed by a parent/guardian. Student level data can be used to tailor programming directly to student needs.

Community Partner Data Request

Partners and organizations interested in de-identified and aggregate data that is not part of the Aggregate Report need to fill out this Data Request form. 

Outside Research Projects

Approval from the MPS Research Review Committee is required before beginning any research or evaluation project that involves district staff, students, facilities or functions in:
1. the collection of data from students, parents, teachers, administrators, or other professional staff; or 2. observations, surveys, focus groups, or individual interviews involving any of the above persons; or
3. the release of private data from district records. 

MPS Reports & Data

The Student Accounting Office produces a number of standard district-wide and school level reports.  This include information on racial/ethnic demographics, Free/Reduced Lunch, enrollment, etc.

MDE Report Card

MDE Report Card – For demographic, student outcome, and staffing information for all Minnesota schools, see the Minnesota Report Card.