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Welcome to Community Partners!
Welcome to Community Partners!


Important: As a result of feedback from Community Partners, Minneapolis Public Schools is in the process of moving from the CPO system to a new contract management system.  This website will be updated by August 1, 2014 with the new information.  Thanks for all of your patience as we make the switch!
Minneapolis Public Schools collaborates with Community Partners to provide services to students and to allow groups to use district property through license or lease. 
In an effort to foster effective partnerships, MPS has created a formal contracting process to contract with these organizations and individuals to be Community Partners.
This process allows MPS to contract with Community Partners for programming and services to students.  It is also a key element in the district’s overall risk management program and provides advantages for all parties involved. 
Advantages to Students: 
1. Matches resources to school and student needs so services are targeted and the potential for student success is increased.
Advantages to Schools:
1. Provides assurances that the Community Partner will adhere to district policies.
2. Provides assurances that background checks have been completed for Community Partners who provide services to students without the direct supervision of MPS staff.
Advantages to Community Organizations:
1. The contracting process, used consistently at all schools, makes it easier for community organizations to make connections with schools.
2. The contracting process provides a means for Community Partners to continue relationships with schools in the event of MPS staff transition.


Thank you for being a Community Partner!