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Welcome to Community Partners!
Welcome to Community Partners!

Changes are here!

As of August 2014 we are no longer using the CPO online system, and have switched to Novatus, our contract management system. 

Major Change Highlights:

  • Organizations only need to register once.  There will not be a yearly process for this.
  • Organzations will be able to update program information, certificates of insurance, and contact information online in one process.
  • Flyer distributors have a much simpler process for submitting flyers. 
  • Organizations will be able to have one contract, that affects multiple sites (if working with a District office).  Ex. One contract if Program A is offered at Lyndale, Lucy Laney, Green, and Field, through Community Education.

Contract Process:
1.       Register with our system. You only need to register one time.
2.       Complete and sign a contract with MPS annually.
To register, you will need:

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Organization Information Form
  • Proposed Program Information Form
  • Vendor Information and Payment Form (only if you are being paid by MPS)
  • W-9 (only if you are being paid by MPS)
  • Diversity Certificate/Letter of Affidavit (if applicable)

To Register to be a Community Partner, please choose one of the following:

If you are being paid by MPS: https://portal.novatuscontracts.com/Portal/?registrationTypeUuid=e0a37ea8-18cb-4cb8-9b76-dfd82d026bbc

If you are not being paid by MPS: https://portal.novatuscontracts.com/Portal/?registrationTypeUuid=5648ba7c-727d-448f-baf3-8032fd1fce49