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Welcome to Community Partnerships!
Welcome to Community Partnerships!
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Minneapolis Public Schools partners with external organizations in a variety ways to provide services to students. A community partner is a group, organization, or individual outside of the district who provides services or programming to MPS students in partnership with the district. This includes any organization that provides programming to Minneapolis Public School students, in the schools or in the community.
Community partners often fall into specific categories depending on their location and type of services. The following definitions outline the types of community partnerships. Note that an organization can fall under multiple categories depending on its relationship with MPS.

Partnership Definitions:

  • Contracted Community Partner: An organization that provides programming or interventions to Minneapolis Public School students on school property; the programming or interventions take place during and/or after school.  Approved community partners have signed agreements with MPS to provide services. Community partners that provide services during the school day or in an after school program, and occur at the school site, must complete and maintain a valid contract with the district MPS Community Partnerships serves to facilitate the connection between our external partners and the district.
  • Minneapolis Community Education Partner: An organization that provides programming through Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education.
  • Extended Learning Community-Based Organization (CBO): An organization that provides programming on behalf of Extended Learning and receives Alternative Learning Center (ALC) funding from the state to serve students.
  • Mental Health Partner: An organization that provides mental health services to Minneapolis Public Schools students.

We are committed to developing and supporting these collaborations between MPS, our schools, and community organizations.  As a result, we coordinate contracts, data-sharing agreements, evaluation training and technical assistance to support our partners. These partnerships are crucial to the success of our students.